Experience the liberation, joy, and success that flow naturally when you are no longer blocked by old beliefs and stories

“The only limits you have are the limits you believe”
– Wayne Dyer

Do you ever wonder what’s getting in the way of you claiming the life of your dreams right now?

If you are a seeker like so many of us, you’ve been on the personal growth path for a while and have tried many teachers and methods. Despite the many “breakthrough” experiences and epiphanies you’ve had during retreats, workshops, or trainings, you likely still fall back into old habits.

You may have begun to wonder what it will take to shift your core patterns in a long-term, enduring way. Everywhere you turn, it seems, there’s a new miracle cure offering a quick fix strategy to improve some area of your life. And yet these “miracle-cures” almost always wear off.

Getting to the root of things is essential. If a doctor only treats surface symptoms, she won’t make much progress; the cure lies in the depth of treatment.

Beliefs Create the Foundation For Our Lives

Beliefs are something most of us don’t think much about. They sound harmless compared to things like spiritual experiences or trauma or karma. And yet those beliefs are often at the core of the shifts we need to make.

They create the literal foundation in consciousness on which the rest of our life is built; when the foundation stays the same, even the most elaborate changes at the surface will revert back to what those beliefs dictate our life should look like.

We can fervently practice visualization and manifestation skills but if there’s a sneaky little saboteur in the basement of our minds, we’re not going to have much success.

As creators of our reality, we do shape our lives – our careers, our finances, our relationships, and our health – according to our beliefs.

So how do we uplevel our beliefs, clearing out the old, inadequate ones and installing the new?

The answer is to work with our subconscious and superconscious in a more effective way, using a system that goes deeper than words or therapy or weekend pep talks. That’s how your beliefs can REALLY change at the roots.

That’s where the Belief Closet Clean Out comes in!

You Can Finally Clear the Inner Obstacles to The Life You Truly Desire

Imagine the liberation, joy, and positive energy that will fill your life when you are no longer held back by old beliefs and stories. What if you could:

  • Eliminate the stops, blocks, and fears that keep you from showing up authentically?
  • Shake off the cold, wet blankets that parents, teachers, and society threw over you and your dreams when you were young?
  • Easily change your experiences – even your circumstances – and thus manage your moods, perceptions and responses to life?

How you see yourself is dictated by your beliefs. How you see others is colored by your beliefs about them. Your experience of the world is shaped (and often distorted) by your beliefs about the world. Your entire life is constructed by the beliefs you’ve accumulated since you were a small child.

Change the lens – your beliefs – and you’ll change your experiences, change your circumstances, and change your possibilities. It’s that simple.

The Real Reason Why Old Beliefs Can Be So Difficult to Change

Many teachers have said, “Your beliefs create your reality.” But few offer tools for changing your beliefs permanently. There’s a good reason...

Beliefs are the foundation of your perception and experience. They reside in your subconscious mind.

At a young age, your parents, relatives and caregivers indoctrinated you with thousands of beliefs. Your worldview formed through these beliefs, before you had language. So they’re buried deep, in non-verbal memories and experience.

But whenever you react to someone or behave automatically, you can observe those beliefs at work. “Why did I say that? Why didn’t I follow through? What’s wrong with me?”

Here’s some Good News:
1) First, it’s not your fault.
2) Second, you can delete the beliefs that defeat you.

There’s a simple explanation for why you react the way you do: Your subconscious beliefs are easily reactivated. Your adult mind – the part of you that knows what to do and how to respond – gets hijacked by old programs lying around in your Belief Closet. These patterns can be changed if you’re willing to do some Cleaning.

Most belief change techniques only remove the surface layer of conscious beliefs, or they use an intellectual process to convince you that “your beliefs aren’t really true.” This works for a while – as long as you’re conscious. But it doesn’t permanently remove the core belief from the subconscious mind.

The result of these methods is that the same old beliefs keep popping back up – again and again. The work you did on yourself didn’t really stick. The problem isn’t you! The problem is the method you used. It was only partially effective!

To get real lasting change, you need to reach down and pull the weeds (your subconscious limiting beliefs) out by the roots – from the subconscious, where they are buried. Otherwise, they’ll continue to grow back – again and again.

The Key To Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams Starts with a Makeover of Your Mind

The BeliefCloset Process uses a completely new approach. The BeliefCloset Process® is an easy-to-learn, rapid and lasting way to change beliefs at the core of your mind. When you learn this powerful process during the Belief Closet Cleanout, you can finally surface and remove those pesky blocks and barriers that keep getting in your way.

Using powerful (and even fun) guided imagery, you’ll learn to reach down into the core of your psyche to the source of your old beliefs in your subconscious mind, what we call your Belief Closet. When you delete them from here, they don’t come back. The old thoughts, doubts, and fears are simply gone – for good. Your life changes – quickly and easily – and you can create what you want, without interference.

The BeliefCloset Process frees you from unwanted negative experiences by dissolving the emotional and somatic anchors that hold your negative beliefs in place. As a result, you have more experiences you want, and fewer experiences you don’t want.

“I now feel empowered to create the life I want, and believe I can accomplish all my goals through shifting my thinking. I am no longer fearful of my limiting beliefs, because now I have a tool to change them.”
– M.M., International Business Consultant

With this method, you can finally:

  • Remove resistance and barriers to your goals and projects
  • Eliminate pain and suffering from the past
  • Open doors to new opportunities
  • Manifest your dreams and your life purpose
  • Experience more fulfillment in your relationships
  • Attract more abundance and prosperity
  • Increase your energy and vitality – and as a result – your productivity!
“You helped me resolve in a short time issues in my life that I’ve struggled with for years. In addition, I can use the tools you’ve taught me to deal with any difficult circumstance that may appear in the future.”
– G. J., software developer

Shift Your Beliefs to Shift Your Life

The Belief Closet Clean Out invites all aspects of you – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – to work together to transform your psychological set point – the inner structure of your personality that formed during your first years of life.

Free of negative core beliefs, you can create the life you truly want, without inner resistance.

If you’re ready to remove limitations that have held you back, and create the life of your dreams, join us for this 7-module program skillfully led by Lion Goodman, creator of the BeliefCloset Process!

During the 7 modules, you’ll uproot subconscious beliefs that have interfered with your success, happiness and personal freedom. You’ll learn to upgrade your health, your work, and your relationships.

You’ll examine and eliminate beliefs that were programmed into you about yourself, other people, the world, and your circumstances.

Through this process, you’ll step more FULLY into living as the magnificent, radiant being you already are (and eliminate the fear of doing so!).

“This valuable tool will enhance your life in ways you cannot imagine. It’s added extraordinary value to my life. I feel calmer overall, and know I have a tool that will enable me to keep growing and expanding.”
– C.T., Performance and Life Coach

“In just one BeliefCloset session, I experienced a subtle and profound shift in the way I relate to my children. It continues to enrich the way I am able to be fully present with them each and every day.”
– Jamee Tenzer, Life Coaching for Working Women

A Message from Lion Goodman...

Dear friend,

As a child, I believed there was something wrong with me. I didn’t look or feel like the other kids. I didn’t like who I was. I felt separate and alone. I didn’t know how to make it better.

I was gripped by some of life’s big questions: “Who am I? Why am I different? What is life about? Why am I here?” I began to search for answers, learning everything I could, hoping that someday I could figure it all out, and maybe be normal. (Fortunately, the second part never happened!)

After decades of studying everything I could uncover, I found answers to my questions in physiology, psychology, philosophy, and spiritual practices. I noticed – over and over – that my life changed for the better whenever I shifted my beliefs. I became happier and more successful when I changed my beliefs about myself. My relationships and circumstances improved when I changed my beliefs about others, and the world. The most powerful leverage turned out to be my beliefs. So I began to search for more direct ways of changing beliefs themselves. If I could find one that worked, and if I could teach it to others, I could help other people make their lives better. I could help make the world a better place by shifting one belief at a time.

After studying many belief-change techniques and finding them only partially effective, I was gifted with a “download” from the Universe. I was shown a way to delete beliefs easily and permanently – by engaging the subconscious mind in a playful way.

This process turned out to be much more than a belief-delete button. After working with hundreds of clients, and watching profound change echo through their lives, I realized that this was, in actuality, a method to heal the deepest psychological wounds, and a potent shortcut to clearing past programming and creating a brighter future. This was the leverage I had been looking for my whole life.

I called it The BeliefCloset Process because it uses the colorful metaphor of clothing in your closet to represent beliefs in your subconscious mind. You know that when your closet gets crammed full of old outfits that you’ll never wear again, it’s time for some Spring Cleaning.

I’ve been given the opportunity to teach this technique to hundreds of coaches, therapists and healers around the world. Rave reviews pour in, expressing gratitude for this process that actually works. It can clear longstanding problems and blocks that other methods don’t touch. I am grateful to have brought it through. And now, I want to share it with you, to empower you to improve your life and your world.

Once you learn the BeliefCloset Process, you can use it to shift ANY belief that no longer serves you. Perhaps your old programs are making a mess in your relationships, or limiting your financial success. Maybe your beliefs about work are impacting your health. If you’re feeling limited or stuck somewhere, there are beliefs underneath the feelings.

A lot of people say, “Just change your beliefs...” as if it were easy. The truth is, it is easy. But it takes the right technique, applied in the right way, with the right guidance. In this course, you’ll get guidance not only from me, but from many of my certified BeliefCloset Practitioners.

Join me for seven modules of deep healing – the transformation of your old beliefs, and the creation of the life you want. This is true, self-directed empowerment. Decide what you want, and how you want to live. Then go out and make it so.

Your light will shine more brightly, and new possibilities will open. Live the life of your dreams – there’s nothing to stop you, except a few old beliefs...

In gratitude,

What You’ll Discover in these 7 Sessions

We are delighted to offer this empowering program to our global Shift community. You will learn about beliefs and how to change them with this powerful technique that has been shared with thousands.

Module 1
Pull All the Old Junk Out of Your BeliefCloset®

The first step is that dreaded moment you open the door to your closet, and realize that you have to take everything out and start over. You’ll examine your old beliefs, in depth, and determine which ones no longer serve you. It’s time to dump them and clear some space! You’ll get your first in-depth experience with the BeliefCloset Process and find out how to permanently delete a belief from your past – even ones that have been with you for decades. You’ll feel more open, empowered and free to control your beliefs and your life.

In Module 1, you will:

  • Discover old limiting beliefs that are deeply buried in your subconscious mind
  • Learn which ones keep you stuck, preventing you from having what you want in life
  • Learn a techniques that returns you to your True Self, the home of inner joy and bliss
  • Begin to work with, not against, your subconscious mind – where your beliefs reside

Module 2
Clear Your Negative Beliefs About Who You Are

In this module, you will focus on issues and problems that have kept you from being happy and joyful. What do you believe about yourself? Your idea of “Who I am” is based on beliefs and programming you got as a child. What messages did your parents, caregivers, and siblings plant in your child brain that still affect you? This is like keeping your infant clothes – including those smelly diapers! – in your adult clothes closet. It’s time to haul them out, and toss them out! You don’t need them anymore. If you hear a critical inner voice berating you, don’t miss this session. You can rid yourself of those pesky voices along with the diapers!

In Module 2, you will:

  • Use the BeliefCloset Process to get underneath negative feelings about yourself
  • Clear old, limiting beliefs about who you are, and what you deserve, so you can enjoy life again
  • See your own magnificence through a new clear lens of your own beauty and joy

Module 3
Clear Your Limiting Beliefs About What You’re Capable Of

Your abilities are limited only by your beliefs. If someone else can do it, so can you. This isn’t a magic pill – you still have to learn skills and practice them – but the only thing in your way is YOU. What are you capable of? If your answer is “Anything...” you don’t need this session. But most of us think too small, and our will is weakened from lack of use. We let our negative beliefs stop us. You may hear internal voices say, “What’s the use? You’ll fail anyway. You don’t deserve happiness. Look at you!” We were shamed into thinking that we were less than others. We learned to compare ourselves, and we always lose that game. Now you can clear your apparent limitations and find your true power – to create what you want, and do whatever you need to do in order to make it so.

Do you have beliefs that stop you from dreaming big, or following through? Do you procrastinate or get distracted? In this session, you’ll eliminate those beliefs and relieve yourself of those symptoms. Learn that you’re already a master manifestor...

In Module 3, you will:

  • Identify old beliefs that stand between you and creating the life you want
  • Dissolve the old beliefs that get in your way over and over, or make you quit when you’re part-way there.
  • Imagine what it means to live without self-imposed limitations, trusting that you can create anything you want

Module 4
Clear Your Outdated Beliefs About Love and Relationships

In this session, you’ll delete beliefs that interfere with your personal relationships. If you’re married, are you happy and secure? Or nervous about the future? If you’re not in a relationship, what’s holding you back from finding your ideal mate?

We humans are social creatures. We must relate to others to survive. We all want a secure and passionate relationship. But you learned “what Love is” from your parents – so it’s no wonder that you got some faulty wiring!

Most of us repeat patterns we learned from our early childhood by watching adults interact. Mom and Dad programmed you for love without even thinking about it. This session is a fascinating look at early infant bonding patterns and how those beliefs get repeated in our adult relationships – until we change them.

In Module 4, you will:

  • Look deeply into the childhood patterns that enabled you to survive and thrive
  • See which of your beliefs now interfere with your intimate relationships
  • Discover how easy it is to shift these beliefs at the core of the psyche and transform difficulties in relationships into vibrant, loving interactions

Module 5
Clear Your Old Tired Beliefs About Money and Work

In this session, you’ll focus on money, wealth and abundance – or the lack thereof! What do you believe about earning a living in today’s economy? Is money really the root of all evil? If you want to experience true abundance, you first have to eliminate the belief that money is bad – or a problem.

In Module 5, you will:

  • Examine your family and cultural beliefs about money, work, poverty and “deservingness.” Can you see their influence on your current financial state?
  • Remove beliefs that create stumbling blocks in the way of your natural abundance
  • Create new beliefs that enable you to create the flow of money, resources and the life of abundance you really want
  • Learn why affirmations alone, and the “Law of Attraction,” don’t work, regardless of how diligently you practice them

Module 6
Clear Uncomfortable Beliefs About Your Body and Health

In this session, you’ll focus on issues and problems in your health, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Ill health is often the result of beliefs that were indoctrinated into you, or conclusions you came to, taking on beliefs from your early circumstances.

What do you believe and perceive about your body? Your health? Your age? Your vitality and ability to heal? Your future?

In Module 6, you will:

  • Identify old beliefs that stand in the way between you and vibrant health, and beliefs that make you vulnerable to disease and injury
  • Dissolve the old beliefs at the root of illness, bad habits and lifestyle stress
  • Imagine the healthy, vibrant body you want, and create it consciously with new beliefs

Module 7
Clear Your Entire BeliefCloset of the Rest of that Junk!

In this final session, you’ll examine remaining issues or challenges in your life, and learn how to use the BeliefCloset Process to eliminate them, one belief at a time.

You’ll learn additional techniques for eliminating uncomfortable sensations and feelings, opening up opportunities to create miracles in your life.

When you know that your feelings, perceptions, and circumstances are all created by your beliefs, and when you have a technique for identifying, then eliminating those beliefs, you will have the power of any true Creator – the power to make the world a better place for you, and for everyone.

In Module 7, you will:

  • Scan your life for problems and interference, and put them under the BeliefCloset microscope so you can uproot negative core beliefs where they live
  • Learn to use the BeliefCloset Process on your own, anytime, so you can become the Captain of your fate – and your own experience – for the rest of your life
  • Find your True Self – the creator of your reality – and recognize it as the truth of who you really are

The Belief Closet Clean Out Bonus Collection

In addition to these transformative seven course sessions, you’ll also receive these powerful bonus sessions with some of the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Bonus #1
Love: What Makes It So Confusing?
Guest Faculty: Carista Luminare, Ph.D.

We all want love, but something keeps getting in the way. The partner we’ve got isn’t quite right for us, and the one we want isn’t available. What’s going on?

Join Lion as he interviews Carista Luminare, Ph.D., author of Parenting Begins Before Conception, creator of the True Self Way, President of Luminary Leadership Institute, and teacher of Confused About Love? How to Create a Secure and Passionate Relationship.

Carista shares her latest research on childhood attachment, and how our early bonding patterns with our parents play out – again and again – in our adult relationships. “We’re confused about what love is, and how to love. We can’t seem to get out of those repeated loops where we hurt each other. The answers are all right here, in our neurology, our earliest programming and beliefs about love and how to get it.”

Learn how to determine your own (and your partner’s) attachment style, and practical techniques for healing old wounds and bringing passion and security back into your relationship.

Carista Luminare, Ph.D., has more than 30 years experience as a consultant, counselor and coach to executives, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations. Her powerful, life-changing programs bring participants into direct experience and embodiment of their True Self. She has developed a comprehensive holistic parenting methodology, a financial program redefining security and wealth from the inside out, and LLI’s leading-edge evolutionary leadership program.After graduating from Harvard University in Psychology and Social Relations in 1978, she pioneered educational programs focused on the integration of the personality and soul.

Bonus #2 - Excerpt from Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras +
Transform Your Beliefs eBook

Creating On Purpose is a step-by-step guide to the manifestation process.  In this free sample, you will:

  • Be called to awaken your already-powerful ability to create the life of your dreams
  • Learn how the chakras represent two human challenges: liberation (from the bottom up) and manifestation (from the top down)
  • Understand the 7 chakras as stepping stones along the path of the manifestation process
  • Identify which chakra, and which part of the manifestation process, is giving you trouble
  • Gain an understanding of resistance, obstacles, and barriers that come up as you create what you want in life
  • Learn a process that can clear blocks quickly, like magic, using the power of intention

You’ll also receive a copy of Lion’s multimedia eBook, “Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World.” Lion explains the theory behind The BeliefCloset Process, and offers an explanation for why we do what we do, and why it’s so difficult to change our habitual patterns of thought and behavior. It’s a beautifully clear primer on beliefs – where they come from, how they affect us, and what it takes to change them.

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What Others Say About Lion Goodman and The BeliefCloset Process:

“Lion Goodman’s decades of experience in all facets of transformation combined with his profound love, great sense of humor and powerful commitment to brotherhood make him an outstanding facilitator for awakening and liberation. If you choose to work with him, you’ll grow to love him as I do.”
Stephen Dinan, CEO and founder, The Shift Network

“Thank you taking me back to the beginning to help me hit the “reset” button. Thank you for demonstrating your mastery and providing an unbelievable learning opportunity. Thank you for showing me that there are no limits in the imaginal realm and for reinforcing the power that resides in the BeliefCloset Process. I am humbled and very grateful. I may never truly be able to comprehend all that happened and the changes to my mindset and my life. I wish I could put how I feel into words. My outlook seems brighter, my step seems lighter and losing weight now seems like an overdue task I must take care of, without all the shame and emotions that had always been attached to it. ”
S.K., Life Coach, Ontario, Canada

“What an extraordinary experience! The process is simple, straightforward, powerful, and FUN! Changing beliefs is no longer a heavy, ponderous, months-long process. I finished my session with a smile, and the anxiety triggered by my old beliefs has disappeared. My new ’belief-outfits’ are perfect for me, and I’m wearing them with joy and enthusiasm!”
D. T., Physical Therapist, Denver, CO

“The BeliefCloset Process is like a magic wand – I can easily and quickly change any aspect of myself by changing my beliefs.”
T. S., Business Owner, Yukon, Canada

“The BeliefCloset Process gave me the room to safely acknowledge and work through my hidden, unconscious beliefs. I am now free of the past and can see myself more clearly than ever before.”
T. L., Healer, Stamford, CT

“I clearly saw how and why I was doing the things I do. I realized that my difficulties stemmed from my beliefs – especially those I was unaware of. I appreciate the sincerity and integrity of the BeliefCloset Process.”
R. D., Benedictine Priest, San Francisco, CA

“I have been working with the BeliefCloset Process for more than two years. It has been exceedingly helpful to me on my internal journey, and is now one of the tools I reach for most frequently in my psychotherapy practice. Through the use of an elegant metaphor, the process leads to discovery, insight, and change, often with an element of lyricism and poignancy. These explorations are both gentle and profound. I have found rich material for reflection in the endlessly imaginative outfits to be found in the BeliefCloset. The metaphor comes to life, and its beauty manifests in the real world for my clients. I am grateful for The BeliefCloset Process. I continue to work with it both in my practice and in my own personal growth.”
Martha Bear, Psychotherapist, Certified BeliefCloset Practitioner

“Lion Goodman has the experience humility and experience to create a safe container for men to drop into their hearts and express their authentic selves in a deep way.”
B. C., participant in the Ultimate Man Course

Register Today and You’ll Receive:

Seven 90-Minute Downloadable Class Sessions with Lion Goodman

Experience a rare opportunity to mentor and learn with the creator of one of the world’s most powerful belief-change technologies from the comfort of your own home. Each class session helps you learn the specific skills to change your beliefs any time with 60 minutes of teaching followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

Seven PDF Transcripts of Each Class Session

In addition to the high quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. This way you can review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ll learn.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Each lesson will offer related exercises and answer questions to accelerate your learning and integrate the material.

“Belief Closet Clean Out” BONUS Collection

  • Love: What Makes It So Confusing? Audio training featuring Carista Luminare, Ph.D.
  • Multimedia eBook, “Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World” by Lion Goodman

An Unprecedented Opportunity

We at The Shift Network feel deeply honored that Lion Goodman has chosen to partner with us on this exclusive online training. As you may know, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a skilled teacher who created this powerful methodology and connect with a global community of like minds and hearts who are doing this transformative work.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals, which would cost thousands of dollars). But you’ll be able to benefit from Lion’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home – at your own pace!
If you are serious about bringing more freedom, success and joy into your life, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training with Lion Goodman.

If you’re ready to take the step into a world of choosing your beliefs, click the register button below for instant access.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE The Belief Closet Cleanout led by Lion Goodman and feel that it meets your needs, please let us know within 14 days of your date of purchase and we’ll gladly issue you a refund.

About Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman is C.E.O. of Luminary Leadership Institute, a consulting firm dedicated to bringing leaders of businesses and organizations into alignment with their highest virtues and their True Self. He is the co-author of the book, Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting through the Chakras (Sounds True, 2012), and the author of Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World.

He is the creator of The BeliefCloset Process®, a methodology for permanently transforming beliefs at the core of the psyche. He has 35 years experience in transformational coaching, entrepreneurial business, spiritual practice, and men’s work. He is a co-founder of The Tribe of Men, an initiatory program for men, and was The Shift Network’s first Director of Men’s Programs.

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